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Short blade fin, ideal in swim training to strengthen leg muscles. Also perfect for snorkeling in calm water where not much buoyancy is required. The short blade facilitates a quick and energetic kicking, with excellent ability to direct movement. Features short blade perfect for carrying fins while traveling.

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The Hermes snorkel fins feature full foot and short blade.
This model is perfect for those looking for a snorkel fin to take with them on trips and for swim training.
The Hermes Fins are a practical, comfortable and ultra lightweight snorkel fins model. Equipped with a full foot and a short blade, they are suitable for travel.The full pocket is particularly soft and allows you to wear it with ease. The short blade allows a fast and energetic finning, with an excellent ability to direct the movement. The model and the special technologies with which it is designed make it the ideal model for swimming training or snorkeling in calm waters.
The Hermes snorkeling fins combine high-end design and materials and are durable.
The main features that make the Hermes fin a high-end product are:- comfortble soft foot pocket.
– Short blade perfect for carrying fins while traveling
– Ideal for swim training or snorkeling in calm water.

The fin is available in blue and yellow.

How to use Hermes snorkel fins:
– The fins make it easier to move through the water, whether on the surface or underwater.
– Wear your fins only when you are in the water, or immediately before diving from the boat. Do not wear fins to walk out of the water. If in the water, walk backwards only to avoid tripping.
– Wet your feet and fins to help the fit.
– Turn the heel of the bootie upside down and return it to its original position after inserting the foot.

Care and maintenance of Hermes snorkel fins.
Follow the advice and instructions in the package insert.

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28,00  w/o VAT
28,00  w/o VAT
28,00  w/o VAT