Dive Equipment Seychelles

For Pro only

Why such adventures? In order to get out of the “classic” diving! He prefers diving in small number, on rarely visited and remote spots. He has all the expertise required to make this possible – outstanding diving skills, of course but also in-depth knowledge and experience of maintenance, mechanics, safety, organization, etc.

Explorer I is Christphe’s new baby, designed for mximum 6 passengers! It allows him to fulfil his unchanged desire to offer a unique service: to explore new sites, to promote small groups and ultimately to move away from the “bubble factory”.

Christophe and his two trusted partners, Lili and Khalil will offer the dream dive cruise of a life time!


De Vliegerstraat 128
La Digue – Seychelles


803 Jasmin Tunnel Suite
La Digue – Seychelles