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ERGO TPS is the best solution for those who want a compact breathing air compressor without compromising on high performance. Equipped with four differentTPS (Tropical Plus Superdry) pumping units, ERGO TPS is powered by electric motors or engines (Honda for the petrol version, Kohler for the diesel compressors). It has a panel with a monitoring system complete with pressure gauges, autostop with adjustable electronic pressure switch, automatic condensate drain and rotation direction control. It also has two connections for high pressure hoses and an improved filtering system with two Hyperfilters. The remote charging panel is available as an option.
Practical to transport, ERGO stands out for its sturdiness and great operational efficiency.
Equipped with monitoring panel complete with interstage pressure gauges, hitchhiking with adjustable pressure switch, automatic condensate drain and direction of rotation control.
Open frame designed to facilitate maintenance operations and portability. The tilting motor-holder plate ensures constant V-belt tension. The protective casing in thermo-formed material conveys the cooling air on the cylinders and on the inter-stage pipes, guaranteeing a high compression efficiency. The control console equipped with inter-stage pressure gauges, the internal temperature indicator, the alarm presence and incorrect phase sequence, the oil lack alarm and the start stop and manual condensate drain commands allow easy management and maintenance of the compressor .
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  • ON / OFF switch with motor protection switch.
  • Electromechanical pressure switch that stops the compressor at the final pressure.
  • Drainage of all separators between the individual stages and also of the final separator during compressor operation
  • Timer for automatic condensate drain.
  • Integrated no-load start (automatic drain every time the unit is switched off).
  • 5 liter condensate collection tank, with silencer; capacity of about 3 liters, for the ecological disposal of condensate.
  • Interstage pressure gauges display the working pressure for the individual compression stages. This pressure information allows you to check the tightness of the valves (inlet and outlet) of each stage and to quickly identify potential sources of failure.


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Ergo 210 EM-230V-50Hz-Single Phase, Ergo 235 ET-400V-50Hz-Three Phase, Ergo 270 EM-240V-50Hz-Single Phase, Ergo 315 ET-400V-50Hz-Three Phase, Ergo 270 SH-Honda GX270-Petrol, Ergo 315 DK-Kohler KD15-440-Diesel

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