Scubapro S-Teck Bolt Snaps

20,00 25,00  w/o VAT

SCUBAPRO’s S-Tek stainless steel bolt snaps with laser etched logos are perfect for clipping gear to a diving harness and for securing stage tanks.

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  • Offering easy one-hand operation, they are available in a variety of sizes in double-end and swivel versions.
  • Comes in 8 sizes:
    • Trigger Snap, 13mm
    • XS, 10mm
    • S, 14mm
    • L, 25mm
    • Flat Eye, 25mm
    • Big Eye, 36mm
    • Double-end, M, 105mm
    • Double-end, L, 125mm

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Scubapro Bolt Snaps Size

Big Eye, 36mm, Double-end, L, 125mm, Double-end, M, 105mm, Flat Eye, 25mm, L, 25mm, S, 14mm, Trigger Snap, 13mm, XS, 10mm

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25,00  w/o VAT
25,00  w/o VAT
25,00  w/o VAT
Big Eye
25,00  w/o VAT
Flat Eye
25,00  w/o VAT
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20,00  w/o VAT
20,00  w/o VAT
Trigger Snap