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The Stream snorkel mask is a single lens mask. Ergonomic and made of siliter: it adapts to any face shape. Ez Adjust system with buckles for easy adjustment.
Lightweight and super durable design: it is designed to be worn for a long time. This mask offers wide peripheral vision and allows you to see perfectly in every direction.

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The Stream snorkel mask is mono-lens with wide peripheral vision. A product combining design and technology for great performance in the water. The mask is ergonomic and made of siliter: this means that it adapts to every face shape with perfect wearability. Also, thanks to the Ez Adjust system, the buckles have an easy method of adjustment.

the key features of the Stream snorkel mask are:

– Siliter mask for single lens snorkeling.
– Ergonomic design
– Wide downwards and peripheral vision.
– Ideal for prolonged wearing
– Durable technology
– Ultra lightweight design
– EZ Adjust buckles allowing for quick and easy adjustment of the mask.

How to use the Stream snorkel mask:

– Lay the mask over your face, tension the headboard on the back of your head.
– Pull on the ends of the headband so that the mask fits snugly over your face. If you pulled too much, release the headband using the buckles, then readjust accordingly.
– To remove the mask safely, loosen the headpiece using the buckles and return it to the front of your face.
– When entering the water from the boat, keep the mask close to the face and hold it with one hand. The dive should not be headfirst or face down first.
– Blow through your nose if you feel the mask pressed against your face by water pressure.
– If the lenses fog up, treat their inner surface with an anti-fogging solution, then rinse them with water.

Care and maintenance of the Stream snorkel mask:
Follow the advice and instructions in the package insert.

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