Mares Starfish

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Double lens Starfish snorkel mask with wide vertical and horizontal vision. Perfect for long underwater explorations.
Ergonomic design, made of siliter with revolving buckles on the frame: a practical system to adapt the mask to any face.
Snorkeling mask for adults, light and resistant.

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The Starfish snorkel mask is bi-lense with wide vertical and horizontal vision. A product of design and technology, allowing you to enjoy long underwater explorations.
Ergonomic, made of siliter and with rotating buckles: a practical system for adapting the mask to any face. The Mares Starfish model is a lightweight and durable snorkel mask for adults.
The key features of the Starfish snorkel mask are:

– Siliter mask for bilingual snorkeling.
– Ergonomic design.
– Great vertical and horizontal vision.
– Ideal to be worn for a long time
– Durable technology
– Ultra lightweight design
– Swivel buckles on the frame

How to use the Starfish snorkel mask:

– Lay the mask over your face, tension the headboard on the back of your head.
– Pull on the ends of the headband so that the mask fits snugly over your face. If you pulled too much, release the headband using the buckles, then readjust accordingly.
– To remove the mask safely, loosen the headpiece using the buckles and return it to the front of your face.
– When entering the water from the boat, keep the mask close to the face and hold it with one hand. The dive should not be headfirst or face down first.
– Blow through your nose if you feel the mask pressed against your face by water pressure.
– If the lenses fog up, treat the inner surface with an anti-fogging solution, then rinse with water.

Care and maintenance of the Starfish snorkel mask:
Follow the advice and instructions in the package insert.

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