Mares X-Wing Apnea

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The X-Wing Apnea freediving fins have a blade made of pre-impregnated fiberglass layers. These fins combine the power of a long and resistant blade, with an extremely comfortable foot pocket. These high-quality, high-performance fins have one of the longest blades within Mares’s offer. Available with soft or medium stiff blade.

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The X-Wing Apnea freediving fins are also suitable for use in environments with rocks and boulders. The blade has a width of 19.0cm and a length of 69.3cm. The variable thickness of glass fibers allow high performance in kicking.

The key features of X-Wing Apnea fins are:
• Blade manufactured with pre-impregnated fiberglass layers
• Blade with variable thickness and high performance parabolic deflection
• The blade has a width of 19.0 cm and a length of 69.3 cm
• High quality manufacturing process
• New variable height side profiles support and optimize flexibility and channel thrust effect
• Available with a soft or medium stiff blade
• Longer fins, adapted to a medium kick width
• Blue polygon design blade for better recognition in depth
• 30° inclination of the blade from the foot pocket
• Designed to be worn also without socks
• Interchangeable blade

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350,00  w/o VAT
350,00  w/o VAT
350,00  w/o VAT
350,00  w/o VAT
350,00  w/o VAT
350,00  w/o VAT