Solé Diesel Marine Engine SM-82

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The SM-82 is a 4 cylinders marine engine with mechanical injection on a Mitsubishi block with turbocharged intake system. It has a 3.331 cc displacement and performs 82 hp at 2.500 rpm. This is a dual engine which can run on leisure and commercial boats. It fits on semi displacement or displacement hulls which need a powerful engine with limited space. The marinization has been fully designed and produced in the Solé Diesel plant. The heat exchanger is made on a single piece with no welding, avoiding the possibilities of leaking. The raw water pump has been oversized, so we ensure the engine receives the water flow needed for the engine refrigeration. There are multiple kits available for the most demanding configurations. The SM-82 meets the RCD II.

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Base engine manufacturer Mitsubishi
Intermittent power 82 HP – 60,3 KW
Max RPM 2500 RPM
Number of strokes 4
Number of cylinders 4
Layout of cylinders In line
Cylinder diameter 94 MM
Cylinder stroke 120 MM
Total displacement 3331 CC
Intake system Turbocharged
Standard voltage 12 V
Certifications and emissions EU: RCD II (DIR. 2013/53/EU)

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Mecanical GearBox TMC260, Hydraulic GearBox TM345

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