Coltri Smar Breathing Air Compressor

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SMART breathing air compressors represent the evolution of the Standard, one of the best known and best-selling models in the world.
The Maxifilter purification system enables reliable treatment of the breathing air according to DIN EN 12021¹ when using original filter cartridges. Placed after the last compressor separator and before the pressure maintenance valve, it has the separator after the 2nd and 3rd stage to create a first, fundamental barrier against humidity. The filtering capacity with inlet air at 20 ° C and 200 bar is 620m³.
One of the fundamental parts of the compressor: the motor transfers the motion to the pumping unit through the belt. On this model is available the single-phase or three-phase electric motor from 3 to 5, 5 kW.
Essential and compact, this frame is designed to facilitate portability. The tilting motor-holder plate guarantees the constant tension of the V-belt. The protective casing in thermo-formed material conveys the cooling air on the cylinders and on the inter-stage pipes. This guarantees a high compression efficiency.
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Standard equipment

  • 2 Cylinder connections to choose from DIN 232, DIN 300 or INT / YOKE 232 bar
  • 2 filling hoses 1.2m long
  • Pressure maintenance valve
  • Maxifilter filter system
  • Carrying handles
  • Frame color Blue RAL 5015

Additional information


Single Phase 230 V – 50 Hz, Three Phase 400 V – 50 Hz

Engine Power

4 kW, 5.5 kW

Pumping Group

11.7 m³ / h, 14.1 m³ / h, 18.9 m³ / h

5765,00  w/o VAT
5340,00  w/o VAT
5340,00  w/o VAT
5765,00  w/o VAT