Coltri Mark III Silent

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The Mark Ⅲ Silent range is ideal for intensive use in hot, poorly ventilated environments or in tropical countries. Designed with an improved cooling system and a filtering system with two Hyperfilters, these compressors are powered by an electric motor and equipped with four different pumping units, all in TPS (Tropical Plus Superdry) version. They are available with function monitoring systems and electrical panel for automatic compressor shutdown.
Designed with control systems that allow effective monitoring of operations: interstage pressure, oil level, cabin internal temperature and direction of rotation detector.

One of the fundamental parts of the compressor: the motor transfers the motion to the pumping unit through the belt. On this model is available the single-phase or three-phase electric motor from 4 to 5, 5 kW.

The Maxifilter purification system enables reliable treatment of breathing air according to DIN EN 12021 when using original filter cartridges. Placed after the separator of the 2nd and 3rd compressor stages and before the pressure maintenance valve to create a first fundamental moisture barrier. The filtering capacity with inlet air at 20 ° C and 200 bar is 620m³.

Silenced cab chassis designed and built to facilitate maintenance operations. The tilting motor-holder plate ensures constant V-belt tension. Compressor management and maintenance are facilitated by important devices and tools: the oil level and drain shown outside, the control console equipped with inter-stage pressure gauges, the internal temperature indicator, the presence alarm and incorrect phase sequence, the oil lack alarm and the start stop and manual condensate drain commands.

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Standard equipment

  • 2 Cylinder connections to choose from DIN 232, DIN 300 or INT / YOKE 232
  • 2 whips 1.2m longbar
  • Pressure maintenance valve
  • Interstage control gauges
  • Maxifilter filter system
  • Cabin internal temperature with automatic switch-off
  • Automatic direction of rotation control
  • Pressure switch with automatic shutdown
  • Oil level control with automatic shutdown
  • Automatic condensate drain with conveyor system in the tank
  • Frame color Blue RAL 5015


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Mark III Silent 210 EM-230V-50Hz-Single Phase, Mark III Silent 235 ET-400V-50Hz-Three Phase, Mark III Silent 315 ET-400V-50Hz-Three Phase

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10800,00  w/o VAT
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10300,00  w/o VAT