Coltri Optional for Mini Silent

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For each Coltri compressor category, the user experience is highly customizable with the various options available such as pressure maintenance valve, automatic condensate drain, autostop, hose, adapter, etc.

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2 meter filling hose, 3 meter filling hose, Activated carbon 1 liter, C-Monitor, Caps and discs kit for Maxifilter cartridges, DIN / INT YOKE filling connection adapter, Felts for Maxifilter cartridges, Filling connection DRV 232 bar, Filling connection DRV 232 bar with gauge, Filling connection DRV 300 bar, Filling connection DRV 300 bar with gauge, Maxifilter cartridge for MCF8/11/13/16, Molecular sieve 1 liter, Synthetic Coltri Oil ST 755 1 liter

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